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The structure of this site is simple.   The links to the right will take you to generic categories of photographs and if you hover your mouse over the titles, you will see supplementary information.   I suggest that you look at the SHOWCASE first.   This represents my selection of the best pictures on the site, based on photographic qualities, rather than rarity of species. Each thumbnail opens a larger version of the same image.   Adjust your browser by pressing CONTROL and + together to increase the size or CONTROL and - to decrease.

The WILDLIFE GALLERIES have a larger selection of species.   You can use thumbnails to select family groups and scroll through individual species.   The birds, butterflies and moths pages are sub-divided into families.   There are over 350 species of moth imaged on this site, so there is a checklist to make it easier to find out whether a particular species is depicted.

The OTHER IMAGES are just some that I like and could not resist adding.   In all cases, clicking thumbnails will bring up larger pictures in either a new tab or a new page, depending on how you work your browser.

Images in the Wildlife Galleries are annotated to give the camera/lens combination used.   For details of cameras and lenses, and image processing/editing, see METHODS, LINKS to the right.

TALKS   (SUSPENDED until further notice due to COVID-19)
I regularly give talks to groups and societies and am happy to do so within a reasonable range of south Manchester. The only proviso is a donation to Butterfly Conservation; I take no personal fee. A list of topics and available talks is given here.

Copyright and Contact

All images are copyright; if you want to use them, please ask for permission.   I can supply prints or high resolution versions by arrangement.   I am happy to be contacted with comments or questions...   david.tomlinson@manchester.ac.uk

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