From July to October, 2017 Chester Cathedral hosted a sculpture exhibition called ARK. It comprised 90 modern sculptures and, as far as I can see, was a 'one-off' effort. Judging by the crowds it brought into the Cathedral, it was a very good idea. I hope it inspires other venues to host something similar.

Fructus, 2009; Phyllotaxus, 2013; Corpus, 2009 by Peter Randall-Page

The Leopard by Jonathasn Kenworthy, 1984

War Horse by Joe Rush, 2011

Ark: High and Dry by John Buck, 2017

Gryfalcon by Nick Bibby, 2015

Hartmann's Mountain Zebra by Jonathan Kingdon, 1995

Hartmann's Mountain Zebra by Jonathan Kingdon, 1995

Seaborne by Bruce Beasley, 1989

Repository by John Buck, 2012

Peacock by Geoffrey Dashwood, 2002

Hollow Form with Inner Form by Barbara Hepworth, 1968

Griffon Vulture by Geoffry Dashwood, 1998

Silent Witness by Jason Watson, 2011

Whale by Daniel Chadwick, 2003

Stubbs (Absorbed) by Michael Joo, 2009

Ark by Steve Dilworth, 2000

Porpoise by Steve Dilworth, 2004/5

The Patriarch, Jambo by Ralph Brown, 1995