The Cass Sculpture Foundation is in Sussex, near Chichester.   It was one of the finest collections of modern saculptures in the UK.   Sadly the Foundation was terminated in 2020 and there is no longer public access.   More information is available on its website.

Please note that the photographs displayed here were taken for my own personal use and I am unable to offer prints or copies of them.

'Versus' by Tony Cragg

'Singer of Tales' by Jon Isherwood

'X' by Viktor Timofeev

'Broken Butterflies' by Thomas Kiesewetter

'Regardless of History' by Bill Woodrow

'London-Paris' by Eduardo Paolozzi

'Fish on a Bicycle' by Stephen Gregory

'Triton III' by Bryan Kneale

'Climb' by Juliana Cerquiera Leite

'Sycamore' by Wendy Taylor

'Janus Head' by Peter Burke

'Janus Head' by Peter Burke

'Encampment' by Diane Maclean

'Stem' by Eilis O'Connell

'Suns Roots II' by Phillip King

'Declination' by Tony Cragg
This sculpture is also depicted on the page devoted to Chatsworth Beyond Limits 2013, where it was on loan.

'Venus Stone' by Steve Dilworth

'Squareball' by Eilis O'Connell

'Blind Boy Listening' by Peter Peri

'Darwin' by Phillip King

'Return' by Rodney Bender

'Grand Peregrine' by Stephen Cox

'Host' by Peter Burke

'Host' by Peter Burke

'Host' by Peter Burke

'Sketch of a Blue Whale' by David Brooks
This sculpture is held up by scaffolding, but I removed that.

'Culture and Nature' by Eva Rothschild

'Folly' by Sean Henry

'Folly' by Sean Henry

'Loop' by Eilis O'Connell

'One of Us on a Tricycle' by Steven Gregory

'One of Us on a Tricycle' by Steven Gregory

'Yo Reina' by David Worthington