The New Art Gallery Walsall opened in 2000 - the inclusion of 'NEW' in the title reflects the fact that it replaced the town's old art gallery that had closed 9 years earlier.   The new gallery houses the permanent collection of sculptures by Jacob Epstein and a range of classical and modern paintings predominently by British artists.   At the time of our visit (January 2014) the gallery was hosting exhibitions by Chiharu Shiota, George Grosz and Chris Clinton.   The images below represent a non-systematic view of pieces that we liked.

Aha - Mural in the foyer (artist unknown)

Epstein sculptures and A Sense Of Black Community - Walsall 60's-70's by Claudette Chambers (July-October 2010)

Jacob Epstein - The Sisters - Ann and Annabelle Freud (1952)

Jacob Epstein - Romilly John (son of Augustus John - c.1907/8); one of the few works that survive from Epstein's early career in London.

Polly Morgan - Myocardial Infarction. Lovebirds (taxidermy) eating a human heart (resin & plaster) (2013).

Julie Nord - The Roommates. (2007)

Ian McLean - Sans Amour (1996)

Dorothea Wright - several lithographs. In 1968 Dorothea founded the Studio Prints workshop in London.   For 40 years she and Marc Balakjian collaborated with artists to produce editions, working with leading modern British artists including Julian Trevelyan, Anthony Gross, Tess Jaray, Stephen Conroy, Frank Auerbach and Celia Paul.   Marc also worked exclusively with Lucian Freud for 25 years.

Damien Hirst - Pharmacy Wallpaper.

George Grosz - Bow to the Authorities (1928) Hintergrund, Folio no. 2, Courtesy the Estate of George Grosz, Princeton, New Jersey, USA

Chris Clinton - paper coil dartboards.   Sourcing his rare, novelty dartboards from internet auction sites, Clinton painstakingly unwraps the coiled paper before reforming the dartboard to reveal colourful concentric circles and geometric patterns.

Chiharu Shiota - Letters of Thanks, (2013)

Chiharu Shiota - Red Lines, Red Foot, Red Body, TV Installation (2013)