Yellow-billed Stork  Mycteria ibis

Gorriones Beach, Fuerteventura. February 2007 1

Gorriones Beach, Fuerteventura. January 2011 3
This bird was seen and photographed in almost the same location as the bird shown above and photographed 4 years earlier - ergo, it is probably the same bird. In 2011 it had 'acclimatised' to the extent that it had developed the habit of flying to the beach cafe and walking inside to be fed.

White Stork  Ciconia ciconia

Near Villafafila, Castilla y León, Spain. April 2013 3

Trujillo, Extremadura, Spain. April 2013 4

Bishop's Pool, Cyprus. September 2010 3

Bishop's Pool, Cyprus. September 2010 3

Tsiknias River, Lesvos. April 2015 5

Black Stork  Ciconia nigra

Near Belen, Extremadura, Spain. April 2013 3

Kalloni saltpans, Lesvos. April 2015 5

1Canon EOS 400D, 100-400 IS USM lens
3Canon EOS 7D, 500mm IS USM lens + 1.4 extender
4Canon EOS 7D, 100-400 IS USM lens
5Canon EOS 7D MkII, 300 IS USM lens + 2 extender.