For returning visitors this page gives recent additions (reverse chronological order) as a brief month-by-month log of excursions for photography



Moths The month got off to a bang in Chichester with a beautiful Pine Hawkmoth (Showcase, Moths) and a Mottled Rustic, which was a new species (Noctuidae, Xyleninae). Things continued to go well in Disley with an Eyed Hawkmoth (Spingidae) and a Slender Brindle (Noctuidae, Xyleninae) and two more new species in Lyme Park with a Suspected (Noctuidae, Xyleninae) and Engrailed (Geometridae, Ennominae). Lyme Park also trapped a record 12 specimens of Drinker, one of which was pretty much perfect (Moths, Showcase).

Butterflies Whilst in Chichester we went to Tugley Wood, just over the northern border in Surrey. It was such a nice wood that we made two visits, seeing over 20 White Admirals on the second visit (Butterflies, Nymphalidae), lots of Silver-washed Fritillaries and a male Puple Emperor feeding on something that looked suitably vile. It is reckoned to be one of the best sites for Wood White. Our visits were between broods, so we didn't see any, but next year, maybe.


Yorkshire Sculpture Park Summer exhibition of Robert Indiana - a small exhibition, but well curated and interesting - go to Art Galleries & Parks on the home page and follow the YSP link.

Moths Numbers and species beginning to pick up at last, with a new species, Mottled Pug, in Disley (Geometridae, Larentiinae). Took the trap to Danes Moss, Macclesfield with the generator, getting another new species, Marbled White Spot (Noctuidae, Eustrotiinae) and a new image of a Beautiful Hook-tip (Erebidae).
Brilliant morning (22nd June) on Ashton's Flash (near Northwich, Cheshire) with Rupert Adams and his pheromone lure for Six-belted Clearwings and we saw dozens of them - gorgeous little chaps (see Moths in wildlife galleries.
On the 19th June we had a Small Dusty Wave on the kichen window in the same spot as another of the same species almost exactly a year before - the only two times I have seen this species (see Geometridae, Sterrhinae).
At the end of the month we had a nice Barred White in the trap in Lyme Park - not a new species, but a better photograph (see Geometridae, Ennominae).


Moths The weather and the moths began to improve, but not massively.   The Lyme Park trap produced another Oak Tree Pug (see Geometridae, Larentiinae) and a Red Chestniut (see Noctuidae, Noctuinae), which was a new species for me.   In the middle of the month we went south, with a few days in Chichester and then a three night stay in a holiday let near Three Oaks in East Sussex.   In Chichester a visit to Rewell Wood in search of butterflies (see below) produced a Cream-spot Tiger (see Erebidae), another first.   In East Sussex we had two excellent nights' trapping with several new species - Dusky Hook-tip, Satin Lutestring (see Drepanidae), The Mocha (see Geometridae, Sterrhinae), Rivulet (see Geometridae, Larentiinae), Marbled Brown and Great Prominenet (see Notodontidae).   We also had a couple of species that we have only previously trapped in France - Lunar Thorn and Sharp-angled Peacock.   The Dusky Hook-tip was a very good catch; it used to be an uncommon continental migrant, usually in August, but in the past decade it has established small colonies in East Sussex and Kent.

Butterflies The visit to Rewell wood produced the usual numbers of Pearl-bordered Fritillaries, but they were past their best.   The following day we went to Kithurst Hill and found increased numbers of Duke of Burgundy (at least nine individuals), plus Green Hairstreak, Small Blue, Common Blue, Small Heath and Grizzled and Dingy Skippers.

Birds Snettisham, Norfolk at the kind invitation of Kate and Patrick. Lovely views of a Spoonbill (see Showcase, Birds, Non-passerines).


Moths After a good start in March, April had poor weather and consequent thin pickings in the moth trap.   Oak Tree Pug (see Geometridae, Larentiinae) was the only significant arrival and the only new species for the month.


Street Art in Stockport There's not much of it, but it was worthwhile for the magnificent mural of a Garden Tiger moth and we also got to know the Underbanks area, where more street art is promised....see Street Art on the Home Page.

Moths Very good night in Disley on 23rd March (first 'outing' of the year). Yellow Horned (new pic in Erebidae), March Moth, Oak Beauty (new pic in Geometridae, Ennominae), Early Grey and almost all the local Orthosias - Common Quaker, Small Quaker, Clouded Drab, Hebrew Character and Twin-spotted Quaker (new pic in Noctuidae, Hadeninae).   On March 27th the trap attarcted 28 Small Quakers, which tallies with a massive number of the same species in Lyme Park on the same night. I also had a beautiful first generation Early Thorn (see Geometridae, Ennominae) and a very fresh Brindled Pug (see Geometridae, Larentiinae).